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Welcome and thanks for checking out my new site.

The main difference from my previous site is mobile accessibility, but I wanted to focus on something else here.
That is collaboration. Be it co-writing, producing, or just doing sessions remotely, there are so many possibilities here.

You may simply need guitar tracks, or production, or maybe something more.
I may need other instruments, or vocals for something I'm working on etc..
We have the technology to exchange ideas and performances, and the ability to be creative together.

In the coming days I will add a page with info on services available, and how we can work together.

Thanks again,


JOE COCKER • Never Tear Us Apart
Live in Cologne Germany

funky blues rock

I started this song out on the road, and my long time friend and co writer Tim Feehan helped me finish it, and did a great vocal as well. I was inspired by some New Orleans funk I had been listening to.


JOE COCKER- Keep Your Eye on the Prize
Live in Cologne Germany

tribute to a legend

I had always wanted to hear a guitar version of this classic, which I had heard so many times growing up in Ohio. Decided to do it myself..


current projects

Gene is  writing and recording in Los Angeles. He is currently  working  with German artist and producer Ferdinand Forrester,

Los Angeles singer songwriter Rehya Stevens, and the Legendary Jeff Barry.


song for the season

A bluesy R&B Christmas song, co-written and sung by Rehya Stevens.


JOE COCKER - You Can Leave Your Hat On
Live in Montreux

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